Sunday, May 8, 2016

Letting Go

As I prepare to move forward I'm constantly reminded that it's more about the practice of letting go. Being prepared for the future has more to do with being in the moment and addressing each task as it presents itself. One of my closest friends reminded me the other day that, 'each grain of sand passes through the hour glass one at a time.'
As the days get longer I have the opportunity to check more things of my list but I feel more inclined to relax and enjoy the moment. I feel that this will serve me well in the future. The more I do this it seems that the magic of the universe reveals itself and the 'things' that need to be accomplished magically fall into place. I feel as though I've allowed myself to surrender to the flow of the life, that the waters carry me and I'm at ease, for now. There are times that it becomes turbulent for sure. But for now I'm ok with that. At least there's something to look forward to. 
Life coaching has made such an impact on my life and how I navigate my way. Ive learned so much about how to communicate with others while staying in my power, I've learned how to accept what is truly my responsibility and to let go of what isn't. I've grown into a woman that has learned to love herself and accept others where they are in the moment. I have found that this is more about learning how to let go. To cherish and celebrate what is and let go. 
Letting go doesn't mean that you don't care. It's not about being indifferent. It means that you are supportive. Letting go doesn't mean that you cut yourself off, it means you let go of the need to control the outcome and allow divine intervention to take place. To let go is to try and not blame or judge another, but to make the most out of yourself. To not see that the world is out to get you. To not be the victim. Everything that happens is for you, it didn't just happen to you. 
To let go is to accept. I'm learning this with humility and it brings comfort. I find contentment in this. 
To let go is to be in the moment. This takes practice. To watch as the breath comes and to watch as it goes. To find equanimity in the moment, well it's the only place you can find it. But, it is a practice, it is coming. 

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